19 | 06 | 2024

Electrically operated pyramids from the ore mountains. Customers who cannot operate candle-lit pyramids from the ore mountains
(open light) are offered electrically operated and lit pyramids from our patented rage of products.

85-55-1elek 85-202-E3

Special areas of application:

  • in shop windows, at exhibitions and presentations
  • in families with small children
  • in old-folks' homes, children's institutions and rooms where special fire precautions apply


  • unattended operation of the pyramid
  • noiseless and nearly service-free drive

The numbers of our electrically pyramids are a combination of the ARTICLE No. of a selected pyramid and the addition ....../E3 for 3 electrically candles or ....../E6 for 6 candles (for instance: 85/45/E6).

You can find now this combinated ARTICLE Number in our price list.

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