24 | 07 | 2024
We are craftsmen with a long tradition who work predominantly manually since 1905. Our products with their origins in the ore mountains are manufactured in the old traditional Seiffen-style designs and colors. The certificates displaying the company's logo and attached to our folk art guarantee the product's genuineness and quality.
Our exclusive assortment of product designs includes the following:
  • The world-renowned Seiffen Christmas Pyramids in various sizes, some of which are available with Swiss music boxes
  • The Miners Pyramid, sporting traditional uniform fashions from 1850
  • The one-level Children's Pyramid complete with Santa Claus and his toys
  • Music boxes in various sizes with a Swiss musical mechanism
  • The Parade of Miners proudly wearing their 1850 garb
  • Miniatures of animal-drawn wagons and sleighs, complete with driver and cargo
  • Miniature animals created solely from wooden rings, which are first hand-turned on a lathe (a technique employed only in Seiffen) and later finished by hand
  • various hand-painted Christmas tree ornaments
  • A selection of miniature scenes that feature the Christmas theme and country settings
  • Our village's traditional candle holders displaying an assortment of Christmas characters

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